Getting the earth
back in balance

Our mission

Creating maximum positive footprint in the cotton textile industry.


By changing the system from beginning to end of life. nxtile creates real impact by cotton waste reuse.

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Together we restore balance, fiber by fiber

Natural resources claimed and energy consumed while manufacturing products, are trapped in an endless process of taking the good an returning the bad.

Today’s textile is next tomorrow! nxtile

Resulting in an ever growing pile of waste and our planet that's running low on resources and energy. To break this lineair chain of events we need to complete the loop of give and take.

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How to dress a dragon?

nxtile is the result of a quest started by two seasoned supply chain experts. Their extensive experience in many corporates made them conclued that change is too slow in current systems. They decided to build a new system from scratch, providing a fast track to sustainability for any company selling textiles.
At the start of their journey, a circular dragon was adopted. Based on the ancient myth of death and rebirth, this dragon eats it’s own tail.

In essence it is all about give and take. Now the journey became a quest with the dragon as exclusive trust mark.

A quest with the end in mind

Every change in textiles starts with a happy customer. We gained unique insights with the creation of swaptee and easyessentials, a brand that focusses on the production of garments made of honest cotton and tacking back after end of life for recycling.


During our quest we encountered many inspiring people; one of them is an engineer with a patent to convert cotton waste into 100% recycled cotton just as strong as fresh cotton. A revolutionary breakthrough.

Patented technology

infograph 4D_v3_blue

Process to impact

Circularity is like world peace

A big promise but how to get there? Breaking down complexity of changing linear processes into loops is a necessary condition. Exactly this is our expertise.

Last but not least,

We are very fortunate with our team.
From the very start inspiring people joined the quest.
Every single one having the same intention to really change the textile industry. Together we continue to take gradual steps.

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