How just another day – became an inspiring initiative

In the “dorpsstraat”, with my thought at "keeping 1.5 meters distance", I was greeted by John. "Hey Jos, you're in the T-Shirts business, right?" Yes, that's right. "Do you know that in hospitals there is a need for good T-Shirts?" No, I do know about mouth caps.

The life cycle of our tee

What you’ll read next might sound unusual: Our tee doesn’t have a typical product life cycle with a beginning, growth and maturity, and an end. Let us explain.

easyessentials x Sea Shepherd

We’re proud to collaborate with Sea Shepherd, a non-profit marine conservation organisation that’s committed to defend, conserve and protect marine wildlife and the world’s oceans.

Innovating benefit partnerships with
Sea Shepherd

At the beginning of March we visited Portugal on a
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Extending our positive impact with WWF 

For some time now, our 100% recycled, plastic-free white towel
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Dutch textile industry: circular by 2050?  

While the EU is speeding up measures towards a sustainable
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Just tell us… How much impact do you want to make?