Caring for customers and nature with ETOS 


Did you know that our products have been on sale at ETOS since May 2022? This drugstore chain is one of the largest in the Netherlands and partnered with nxtile to replace their 70% recycled cotton products with our 100% recycled cotton items.   

Teaming up for sustainability

Dutch health and wellness retailer ETOS has been customers’ trusted drugstore for more than a hundred years. With 500 stores throughout the Netherlands, ETOS nurtures caring relationships. Contributing to a healthy and sustainable society is a natural part of this commitment.  

The drugstore chain was one of the first retailers that took the step to replace their 70% recycled cotton products with 100% recycled items, made with the patented technology we offer at nxtile. We are pleased with this opportunity to create maximum impact with ETOS. 

Colourful and soft

When buying towels made by nxtile, ETOS customers can be sure they contribute to a healthy environment. Raw materials are reused to manufacture our 100% recycled cotton and pressure on natural resources is minimised. Since there is no need to grow fresh cotton, around 4.000 litres of water are saved for a bath towel and around 2.000 litres for a hand towel. 

Care for the planet comes in beautiful colours. The towels are available in jade, anthracite and pink. They are also wonderfully soft, offering 550 gr. hotel quality material that caresses the skin.  

Tracking impact

As usual, there’s a tag attached to each towel where ETOS customers can find details about the positive impact they make with their purchase. Quick and easy, the QR code on the tag sends them to a dedicated webpage where exact savings in the use of water, land and CO2 emissions are specified.  

Interested to know how your business can partner with nxtile to weave positive impact into its textiles? Contact us now and we’ll be happy to explore opportunities.

Just tell us… How much impact do you want to make?