Frequently asked questions

Below, we are listing some Frequently Asked Questions that have come up in conversations with our clients, peers and partners.

The market for recycled textiles is dynamic and rapidly expanding. While innovations in the industry make new circular solutions available, governments in the EU and around the world are introducing regulations to push for a clean and sustainable textile sector. At nxtile, we always stay at the forefront of new developments, incorporating new insights and practices into our processes.

Making textile items from recycled cotton has been done for years now, but until recently, producers couldn’t guarantee strength and durability without adding virgin cotton, polyester or plastics. By contrast, nxtile items are made through a patented process that uses 100% cotton waste and delivers high quality products. We are the first company in Europe to produce non-blended cotton waste textiles, which brings important environmental savings.

By using only cotton waste in the production process, there is no need to grow fresh cotton. This saves significant amounts of land and water and reduces CO2 emissions.

By using cotton waste, there is no need to grow fresh cotton as a raw material for new textiles. Savings are calculated as the number of square meters (m2) of land that can now be used for other crops.

Growing cotton plants requires huge amounts of water. By using cotton waste, this water can be saved. These savings are calculated as the amount water (liters) that are no longer needed and can be used for other purposes.

CO2 is saved because there is no need to grow and harvest fresh cotton. This saves a significant amount of emissions produced by machines used on cotton farms. Savings are calculated in kilograms of CO2 that are no longer emitted into the atmosphere.

This FAQ list is a work-in-progress. We will regularly update it and add new topics. Do you have a question that is not listed? Please click here and send it in! We will answer your question and if we choose to include it in our FAQ, we will send you a 100% recycled product for free.