Proven impact
for your guests

Let your hospitality textiles be the source of impact

From recycling fibers to final product. We seamlessly transform your collection with our patented 100% recycled cotton.

No hassles or complexities.
Just hop on our running sustainable train.

Lasting performance

  • Strong. The patented process creates premium quality strength with recyceld fibers. Same test results as fresh cotton

  • Fully compatible. We always find compliant solutions for any laundry process and machinery

  • Industry proven Running at full industrial scale servicing uncountable bedrooms every day

Strong & sustainable

  • Competitive pricing. A better towel for a better price

  • Gain full efficiency benefits. nxtile controls end-to-end supply chain and takes care of your fulfilment needs

  • Impact facts. Show your guests your true color

Do your guests expect you to be sustainable?

Is it your ambition to make impact with your bed, bath and kitchen textiles?