The Year of the Dragon is the Year of Circularity for us


The image of the Ouroboros symbolises concepts such as self-reflexivity, unity and the eternal cycle of renewal or regeneration.

“The Year of the Dragon” is a term often used in the Chinese zodiac system. It refers to one of the 12 animal signs of the Chinese lunar calendar. Each year in this belt is associated with a different animal, and the dragon is one of them. People born in the Year of the Dragon are strong, ambitious and charismatic, according to Chinese astrology. That already appeals to us.

For nxtile, the Year of the Dragon has an additional meaning. Our trustmark featuring the dragon eating its own tail. It refers to an ancient symbol that stands for cyclicality, circularity, eternity and the infinite nature of existence. The image goes way back in time, from 13th-century BC Egypt to the Greeks and 15th-century alchemists, but is still relevant today. It represents exactly the core values of nxtile.


The snake or dragon that eats into its own tail is also known as the Ouroboros, which literally means ‘tail-destroyer’ in Greek. Ouroboros symbolises our approach: circular-by-design, sustainable, inclusive and socially responsible. The earth is out of balance and we want to reduce pressure on natural resources and provide solutions that minimise waste and maximise reuse of waste.

Guiding principles

Our partners subscribe to the Dragon network’s guiding principles. We use only 100% cotton as raw material and minimise the use of plastic during production and packaging. This also means limiting our carbon footprint, from production to transport. In addition, Dragon network partners have signed nxtile ‘s social code of conduct on good working conditions and welfare for employees.

The Year of Circularity

A dragon can be sweet, cuddly, but also vicious, dangerous even. There is spunk in it! We translate the Chinese Year of the Dragon into the Year of Circularity. 

With the character traits of a dragon, we work towards a better world: strong, ambitious, charismatic and with infinite spirit. The dragon can be proud of us.

Just tell us… How much impact do you want to make?