Extending our positive impact with WWF 


For some time now, our 100% recycled, plastic-free white towel is available in the WWF Netherlands webstore. It results from our collaboration with the Dutch chapter of the World Wild Life Fund, that helps nature and communities thrive in nearly 100 countries. Customers who buy the towel, support WWF with their purchase. 

The wonderfully soft towel offers the eco and people-friendly quality we stand for at nxtile. Pre-washed, it hardly shrinks in the wash and it contains no plastics, polyester or elastane, so it doesn’t lose any harmful microparticles during its use. 

Inspiring better buying behaviour

“We want to inspire people and show them that there are better solutions for their everyday purchases, with good quality products that are less harmful to the environment,” says Perry Stinis, eCommerce Manager at WWF, “This towel fits seamlessly into our offer.”

We have been working as the organisation’s preferred 100% recycled cotton supplier for special events and the Dutch webshop for several years now. “Collaborating with you guys has been pleasant all along,” Perry adds. “You understand well what is relevant to us, not just in terms of products, but also when it comes to packaging and delivery.”

Opportunities for brands and do-good causes

Partnering with trusted NGOs such as WWF enables nxtile to extend our positive impact. It also opens new horizons for future collaborations between brands and do-good causes.

We are currently looking at additional impact items that WWF can offer to its audiences. Stay tuned to learn more in the near future!

Your brand can double its positive impact too, by supporting nxtile people and planet-positive partnerships. How? Let’s have a chat and discuss options:

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