Inspiration and Insights from Heimtextil


Image source: Messe Frankfurt GmbH / Franklin Till

We are back from our team visit to Heimtextil, Frankfurt: the leading trade fair for home and contract textiles. It’s good to see that a rapidly growing number of companies in the industry are working to bring the earth back in balance, which has been our mission at nxtile from the outset. Below, we share our experiences.

Heimtextil (Frankfurt, 11-13 January) is a barometer for the textile trade business year. With over fifteen exposition halls, it offers an overview of current and future trends in the industry, where circularity and sustainability are clearly top of mind. It’s also an inspiring environment to continue conversations with old contacts and start collaborations with new partners.

Meeting suppliers and prospects

For us as the nxtile team it was a welcome, live reencounter with our suppliers and other partners from India and Portugal, two of the top ten exhibiting countries at the fair. Constantly looking for innovations in materials, designs and manufacturing, our partners showed us around their stands, which were packed with their latest, high-quality products.

We also had interesting conversations with potential clients and future partners that we will definitely follow up on shortly now that we’re back in the office in Amsterdam. (Look out for new partnership announcements in the months to come…).

Insights from our patent engineer

Our nxtile 100% recycled textile production process builds on a proven, patented technology, that is exclusive and first in Europe. We shared some great moments together with our patent engineer, who had flown in to visit Heimtextil from his home country, USA.

A lifelong textile, apparel and homegoods business expert, he was delighted to see that several companies present in Frankfurt are also well advanced on the road to commercialising reused, non-blended textile products. The industry benefits when different players in the industry all move towards the same circular goal – and so does the planet, our patent engineer concluded.

Green tour and Trends updates

As we had hoped, our visit to the fair was an opportunity for inspiration and learning. An event that stood out among the many lectures and guided experiences was the Green Tour. Our tour guide walked us around several exposition halls where we met selected suppliers from countries such as Pakistan and China. This gave us a glimpse at production plants and distributors in Pakistan, China and other countries that are increasingly dedicated to sustainability, from fibre to finished goods.

“Nature Engineered” and “From Earth” where some of the topics highlighted during another Heimtextil highlight: the Trends Tour and presentations. What we’re taking home are insights about colours and designs that dominate the agenda for 2023. And first and foremost, lots of ideas for appealing new nxtile items that we can add to this year’s products and impact catalogue for existing and future clients.

More than just products

Heimtextil once again made us realize that the market needs more than just sustainable textile products.

Many, if not most, exhibitors from around the world showcased textiles aligned with sustainability trends in materials and manufacturing processes. But to maximise impact, we know that nxtile clients demand solutions that address additional key pieces of the puzzle towards a truly circular textile industry.

We need more than just products to close the loop.

Image source: Messe Frankfurt GmbH / Franklin Till

Dragon network

That’s where the nxtile Dragon network comes into play. Our international production and logistics partners ensure that waste is minimized and reuse of waste is maximized. Real-time matching of supply and demand means significant reductions in unsold product.

Textile waste will never be completely eliminated, but it can be turned into new durable textile items with optimal, resource-efficient fabrication and delivery processes. In our meetings with prospects at the Frankfurt fairground we explored ways to finetune the benefits of the Dragon network with specific customer needs. Transparency and tailormade eco-friendly impact are a natural part of the deal.

Heimtextil 2023 was the place to be to connect with likeminded companies. Together with our rapid-growing customer base, during the year ahead we will continue to build partnerships that go beyond just products.

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