Let’s hit our 2023 circular goals together!


2022 has been a year with many highs and lows for the planet. Despite global challenges, for us at nxtile this new year starts on a high note. We have added several premium clients to our portfolio, welcomed new team members, and strengthened the ties with our international dragon network partners.

For all this we are grateful, and you are the first to deserve a heartfelt Thank You. Without our commercial partners, non-profit allies, likeminded colleagues and friends within and around the sustainable textile sector, we wouldn’t be here today. (and yes, even our critics deserve a thumbs-up, as they help us stay sharp and always on the lookout for product and process improvements…!)

Among businesses and consumers awareness is growing that sustainable and circular production is not just a nice-to-have, but necessary for our survival. Over the past year, we’ve witnessed promising industry innovations, new government regulations, and bold cross-sector initiatives to change the tide and move towards a green and social future. At nxtile we are convinced that making the textile industry circular is key to bringing the earth back to balance. Luckily, in 2022 we’ve met lots of businesses and non-profit partners that share the same mindset. In 2023, it is our ambition to meet even more. Warm wishes for the new year and… let’s talk soon!

Header photo: Léon and Jos at the spinner’s in India, on our recent visit to local dragon network partners.

Find out more about our road trip to ensure top quality products in India:

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